If the Request-URI contains a maddr parameter, the proxy MUST check to see if its value is in the set of addresses or domains the proxy is configured to be responsible for. The reasons for this special handling for INVITE will be discussed later, but relate to the reliability mechanisms in SIP, the length of time it can take for a ringing phone to be answered, and forking. Envoyer un message Offrir un cadeau Suivre Bloquer Choisir cet habillage. However, the request is passed to the transport layer directly for transmission, rather than a client transaction. In all of these cases, it formulates a response using the procedures described in Section 8. If a proxy needs to be in the path of any type of dialog such as one straddling a firewall , it SHOULD add a Record-Route header field value to every request with a method it does not understand since that method may have dialog semantics.

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The set of processing functions required at a UAS that resides above the transaction and transport layers. A stateful proxy MAY choose to « fork » a request, routing it to multiple destinations. Montrer le sur WLM! Registration is another common operation in SIP. However, these requests do not cause the dialog’s route set to be modified, although they may fontactsay the remote target URI. Specifically, the local tag contactsau one UA is identical to the remote tag at the peer UA.

This protocol is designed to be extended. For further information on the From header field, see Section The procedures of Sections 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 deal entirely with the UA core Section 9 describes cancellation, which applies to both Scripy core and proxy core.

The tags are opaque tokens that facilitate the generation of unique dialog IDs.

script contactsay

When a TU wishes to send a request, it creates a client transaction instance and passes it the request along with the destination IP address, port, and transport to which to send the request. When stateless, a proxy acts as a simple forwarding element. Multiple header field values on contaxtsay Rosenberg, et. Implementations MUST be able to process multiple header field rows with the same xcript in any combination of the single-value-per-line or comma-separated value forms.


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A response used by the server to indicate progress, but that does not terminate a SIP transaction. Note, however, that when the UAC tries alternative locations, it still uses the route set for the dialog to build the Route header of the request. Cores, except for the stateless proxy, are transaction users.

For instance, a proxy MAY forward a request from one TCP connection to another transaction statelessly as long as it places enough information in the message to be able to forward the response down the same connection the request arrived on. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution, contactsag multimedia conferences. The complete set of SIP header fields is defined in Section A proxy server primarily plays the role of routing, which means its job is to ensure that a request is sent to another entity « closer » to the targeted user.

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All cores, except those for the stateless proxy, are transaction users. We shall see in the next section how this database can be populated. This modification can involve changing addresses or ports, adding a media stream, deleting a media stream, and so on. This will involve creating a new client transaction to deliver a new request. In that case, the UAS first applies the same processing rules for requests outside of a dialog, discussed in Section 8.

The procedures in Section 8. A dialog ID is also associated with all responses and with any request contxctsay contains a tag in the To field.


script contactsay

A client recurses on a 3xx response when it generates a new request to one or more of the URIs in the Contact header field in the response. Session Initiation Protocol June transaction. A UAS cannot be stateless unless the request processing for that method would always result in the same response if the requests are identical. scripf

Session Initiation Protocol June Both Request section 7. If the ordered set is exhausted, the request cannot be forwarded to this element in the target set.

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The state of the session and the state of the dialog are very closely related. Contacrsay are a fundamental component of SIP. Stateless UASs do not use a transaction layer; they receive requests directly from the transport layer and send responses directly to the transport layer. This allows a UA to provide a new contact address, should its address change during the duration of the dialog.

RFC – SIP: Session Initiation Protocol –

The complete set of SIP message details for this registration example is in Section In some cases, it may be useful for proxies in the SIP signaling path to see all the messaging between the endpoints for the duration of the session. Précédent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sélectionne une page: A logical entity that does not maintain the client or server transaction state machines defined in this specification when it processes requests.

It uses the « header » parameters to create header field values for the new request, overwriting header field values associated with the redirected request in accordance with the guidelines in Section