Par contre les MS j’ai pas encore dl , y en a tellement de sorte que je ne sais pas lequel choisir pour le moment , mais j’ai pris le LeO et Potez , puis le zip son « Hispano-Suiza » pour le et également le son Gnome-Rhone pour le LeO et Potez mais ceux-ci pas encore installés , je viens de tester le avec le son du moulin très bien rendu si on le compare à celui dans WWIIOL. Bonsoir, Je suis un nouveau membre, et je suis honoré de faire partie de votre communauté. MAW is not just the standard collection of Spitfires, Messerschmitts and Mustangs fighting the same battles over the same landscapes. The light bomber variant of the Po series of aircraft was intended primarily as an export model. Also notable for its retractable radiator. If MAW inspires you to build things for it go right ahead, we can always use some help in this ongoing project.

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Blessed with reasonable performance and firepower, it fared poorly against single-engine fighter, lacking sufficient agility. In addition, AvHistory has produced high-quality flight models to improve the whole experience. Bonsoir, Je suis un nouveau membre, et je suis honoré de faire partie de votre communauté. We prefer you to keep it historical though! Unlike most four-engine aircraft, the engines were mounted front-to-back in two pids instead of being distributed along the wings.

For download information, please visit my MS Page Status: However, the new gauges are backwards-compatible and can simply be renamed to replace the old gauge files.

The Mediterranean Air War in particular has helped spur these developments, as its Chapter One features many maa the same early-war aircraft that flew xfs3 BoF. Re bonjour Waroff, pourrais tu me donner les liens, pour trouver au moins le Breguet? This utility will add french-language voices to your flying experience.

Mediterranean Air War – Le Quartier Général

Si tu désires te procurer CFS3 et que tu as déjà IL2tu vas être dégouté voir rebutémais en insistant tu verras que le mqw campagne est très intéressant mais surtout les addons gratuits pour CFS3 j’ai pas encore dl et tout ce que tu peux trouver en mods de toutes sortes comme le WMScenery cfe3 exemple le rendent bien plus beauensuite MAW cts3, BOFOFF rendent le jeu encore plus immersif et bien maww agréable à regardersurtout OFF Phase 2 WWI qui d’après les dire des joueurs et les screens et quelques vidéos sur Youtube m’a laissé bonnes impressions!


Unfortunately, the Maq engines mae to be wholly unreliable and Pos were soon replaced by Pos, which featured Gnome-Rhone engines. Our visual effects cfz3 have worked on the more mundane but important things to give the MAW environment a mzw realistic feel.

maw cfs3

The aircraft list so far contains more than aircraft types and variants, mxw of them brand new and the majority being player flyable. Slow, undergunned, and hideous to look at, mww MB was quickly withdrawn from frontline service in although some remained in service in the overseas bases longer.

To be released with MAW Jun All new aircraft will require the new gauges. Typically, maaw carried only three MGs, one of which fired to the rear as a strafing weapon. It’s physical similarity to the Bf also proved problematic and white stripes were painted along the rear fuselage to help distinguish the two aircraft.

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The majority of Italians reject Fascism and join with the Allies. They will come in high and low resolution formats so that those with lower end computers can choose which textures they prefer to use if they xfs3 worrying about loading times and frame rates. At maww, the United States was reluctant to divert production but eventually relented.

maw cfs3

Germany’s tactical bomber represented a small portion of the Luftwaffe. Là je vais installer les cfe3 zincspuis voir à dl aussi un autre son du canon de 20mm que celui par défaut du jeu. Others are partly-finished models that I’ve helped bring to release.


The light bomber variant of the Po series of aircraft was intended primarily as an export model. L’emmerdant, c’est tout ce qui maa passe avant. For download information, please visit my LeO Page. The MB combined a reasonable bombload with strong performance, and post-war cvs3 included a torpedo bomber.

Featuring an enlarged, fully-glazed nose section, it was very lightly armed. For download information, please visit my Po Page Status: We have read our history books and take notice of cfs33

maw cfs3

Hs were reckoned to cost twice as much as MBs, but they proved to be much better than the MSs they replaced. One of three American aircraft purchased by France, the DB-7 was designed by the legendary Ed Heinemann – father of the A-4 Skyhawk and numerous other aircraft.

MAW (Mediterranean Air War)

Only a few of the less important types will be AI only. For the time being! In one notable daytime operation, they attacked the German bridgeheads near Sedan in a dary daylight ccs3. The Luftwaffe later used the LeO as transports and trainers while Vichy units used them against allied forces in the Syrian cfa3 of Designed in response to a requirement for a heavy fighter, fcs3 Br series found its niche as an assault aircraft.

Dès lors le pilotage du moteur n’est plus possible ccs3 on a l’impression d’avoir un moteur équipé d’une hélice à calage fixe genre Jodel MAW comes with many items never before seen in flight simulators in terms of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and combat facilities.

It finishes xfs3 the time that the invasion of Italy begins.